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SEO Guide to Higher Conversions with a Few Steps [infographic]

June 28, 2012 9:10 AM | Strategy Plan One (Administrator)

Strategy Plan One

June 28, 2012 

SEO Guide

A few strategic steps have been pointed out by SeoGadget in this infographic, to obtain higher conversion rates on sites.

To note, the steps highlighted in this infographic follow the steps in strategic thinking and  strategic planning, including identification of issues, development of options, selection and implementation, and measuring results and revisions.  The steps and methodologies pointed out in the infographic include:

  • Establishing funnels and use of measurement tools
  • Using analytics to measure what is going on with visitor actions on websites
  • More tools to determine the barriers to conversion
  • Surveying internal staff and customers on the process, barriers, feedback to conversion
  • Gathering and implementing more external feedback mechanisms on your products, site, service
  • Building strong marketing and advertising programs
  • Framing the solutions
  • Testing, review of methods and results, revision and repeat

SEO guide - optimization

Source: SeoGadget 

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