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Digital Marketing – Conversion Opportunities for Business [infographic]

June 04, 2012 1:16 PM | Strategy Plan One (Administrator)

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June 4, 2012 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, promoting and adverting your suite of products, services, and brands through electronic means, is on the forefront of businesses’ marketing strategies.  With a massive universe of electronic media, businesses struggle with important, critical connections with customers leading to coveted greater long-term relationships and revenue streams.  Converted the casual viewer and information gather into a repeat valued customer is a sought after goal of the astute marketer – entrepreneur.

Straight off of a fresh survey, Adobe has produced a great infographic on top conversion opportunities for digital marketing.

Five key strategies are identified to increase digital marketing ROI:

  1. Site optimization
  2. Addition of data driven automation
  3. Using video to maximize conversion
  4. Tapping into and maximizing mobile channels
  5. Maximizing social engagement

digital marketing - conversion opportunities

Infographic courtesy: Adobe

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